Chattanooga's Next Great Experience

The Bend's next phases, commercial developments, and residential listings.

Looking Forward

Chattanooga is an open invitation to explore, and it just keeps getting better.

Located at the crossroads of three great states, Chattanooga represents the hub of a thriving economic region full of rich culture and rustic charm. Among the city’s advantages are abundant natural resources, a strong tourism industry, and a centralized location. The extensive system of highway, air, water, and rail transportation helps make Chattanooga a major transportation and distribution center for the Southeast.

Known to the locals as Scenic City, Gig City, or even just ‘Chatt’, this cherished city holds an abundance of unique experiences and iconic lookouts. Outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers can access a multitude of breathtaking views and recreational activities within minutes from Chattanooga. In the heart of downtown, entrepreneurs and visionaries can find historic landmarks and opportunities to engage with the city’s culinary scene and artistic venues.

We believe that the Bend fulfills a deep longing within the city for a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive extension of downtown. Every store, every recreational space, every restaurant, every detail is designed to nurture, inspire, and captivate the diverse people who call Chattanooga home — for a weekend or forever.

The Bend is proud to belong to the city, to the river and to you. Welcome to the Bend.
Year 1 map view of The Bend Chattanooga
Year 1
Year 5 view of The Bend Chattanooga a new development property with apartments, offices, and more
Year 5
Year 10 map of The Bend Chattanooga development property
Year 10

Site Plan

The unique districts of the Bend will help grow, and connect the community through a variety of spaces.

studio flats
medical office

The Bend Has It All

A variety of residential options are available for individuals, couples and families right in the heart of Chattanooga.  Most residential buildings offer modern retail conveniences, such as a grocery, pharmacy or a local bar. Electric shuttles are conveniently accessible to head downtown in a few short minutes.

The Bend Has It All

The Bend offers plenty of space for businesses in Chattanooga. Ground-level retail stores embrace home goods, coffee and supplies alike while multi-floor office spaces above provide sweeping views of the waterfront and district below. Nearby lunch options include the food hall and the Canal District. Several multi-level parking garages welcome daytime employees and nighttime visitors.

The Bend Has It All

There’s something for everyone at The Bend. Listen to live music surrounded by beautiful landscaping at Chattanooga’s largest industrial amphitheater in the Entertainment District. Discover a new dish at one of the many restaurants dotting the streets up and down the Canal District. Take a stroll along the waterfront and experience both national and boutique retailers.