The Story of the Bend

Past, Present, and Future

past, present, and future

Like so many great American cities, Chattanooga’s iron and steel mills helped build a nation, power an economy, and create jobs for generations of hardworking people.

But it came at a cost — to the mountains and river we call home, the very air we breathe. Over the next quarter century, the city began the dedicated cleanup work its people, water, and lands deserved. The riverfront began its long-term revitalization — and slowly, steadily, Chattanooga’s people put their hope, blood, sweat, and tears back into this resilient city.

Now a beloved, growing, Scenic City with a thriving economy, rich culture, and seemingly endless natural beauty, we face different challenges and different opportunities. And on a former industrial site, we understand what Chattanooga was, what it is, and what it can be.

We understand that we have the unique opportunity to give the city what it still longs for. A vibrant, sustainable, inclusive extension of downtown. All designed to nurture, inspire, and captivate the diverse mix of people who believe in and build this city.

The Bend belongs to the river, to our neighbors, and to one another. It's waiting to welcome you.
Chattanooga's Next Great Experience

The Future of the bend

Connecting the River to the Community

The founders of the Bend are local Chattanoogans, born and raised in the Scenic City. Their love and loyalty to their home inspired the Bend’s development and the desire to bring together some of the country’s most talented and well-respected engineers, city planners, and urban developers — each a master in their field of expertise.

After talking with thousands of local residents, the founders used this valuable input to create environments that enhance the spirit of Chattanooga and deliver what residents want to do, see, and experience.

The Bend will help grow, care for, inspire, and connect the community through a variety of spaces.

  • Multi-floor office spaces with waterfront views
  • Ground-floor retail spaces
  • Large parking garages for employees and visitors
  • 700 to 800 residential units, including townhouses, apartments and studio flats
  • Full-service hotel accommodations
  • Easy access to downtown Chattanooga
  • Chattanooga’s largest indoor/outdoor music venue
  • Bars and restaurants with terraces and waterfront views
  • Expansive food hall with multiple dining options
  • Pedestrian street zone with furniture
  • Paths for walking, jogging and biking
  • Clubs for volleyball, kickball, etc.
Health & wellness
  • Custom parks and green spaces
  • Boutique studio classes
  • Hair and nail salons

Did You Know?

As a multi-billion dollar development, the Bend has already created several hundred new jobs in the past two years, helping to grow the local economy during one of the toughest periods in recent history.